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With a particular eye for aesthetics, Christian jumps at any opportunity to exercise his creativity. Growing up in Elmhurst, Illinois, Christian spent his time going camping, riding his bike, and filming local bands and artists. As a recent graduate from DePaul University with a degree in Film Production, Christian is eager to dive head first into the world of video production where he specializes in editing. While at DePaul, Christian found a passion for photography—capturing his friends and the world around him. This lead Christian to gradually compile a portfolio as he began freelance photo work around Chicago. Though Christian has been capturing things on film and digital since he was a kid, he found his passion for music and photography aligned in recent years when he began to shoot concerts for music publications such as Brooklyn Vegan, Transverso media, and ANCHR Magazine. Some of his favorite shoots include The National, Girl talk, and, of course, LCD Soundsystem.